When we figured out it was time for a rebrand, we decided to tackle the project from within the Donegal Women in Business Network and worked with our very creative and talented Committee Member, Fiona O’Reilly, from On the Dotwho specialises in bespoke visual communications – in particular branding and promotional design.

Donegal Women in Business Network logo

Fiona told us that rebranding the Donegal Women in Business Network was a unique challenge as the existing brand wasn’t broken, but it didn’t have the flexibility required to let the Network shine – which became evident once we started updating our website
We realised that we needed to develop a new brand personality that adequately promoted the Network, and its amazing and diverse members. This also prompted us to consider designing a member logo as part of the rebrand. In other words, we wanted to offer our members the opportunity to have a dedicated member logo that they could use to promote the fact that they are a member of the Donegal Women in Business Network.

Donegal Women in Business Network Member logo!

So here it is!  Our brand new logo for members – feel free to use it on your promotional items, social media channels, marketing literature or website. Download your member logo here!

If you’re thinking of rebranding your business, On the Dot can help you with brand identity, visual communications, website design, packaging, digital media, publishing, advertising,… and much more.  Fiona is centrally based at the CoLab in Letterkenny and you can contact her on 087 913 0155 or visit her website for more information.