Donegal Women in Business Network Invite Women to Afternoon Tea Cross Border Event

Many business ideas for women start at the their kitchen, or coffee table amidst the day to day goings on in their personal and family life.

Decisions whether to actually take the big step will include – making choices that involve others, sufficient income, family members,  and in many cases, childcare.

Others might be in employment and come up with an inspired business idea that will change their lives forever.

On Thursday, 24th May, the Donegal Women in Business Network will host an Afternoon Tea networking event from 2pm- 6pm for all of these great entrepreneurial women. This cross border networking event will take place in Dunmore Gardens in Carrigans close to the border region. Tickets cost €15 (plus small Eventbrite fee.) Take a look around Dunmore Gardens here


Dunmore Gardens

Dunmore Gardens

This event will include afternoon tea, a tour of the gardens and a Creative/ Fashion display from crossborder women in business.

This summer networking event is for you… whether you are in employment, have a business idea, are a new start up or you have an established business. Donegal Women in Business Network wants you to join them!

They particularly want to reach out to women in business across the border and ask them to come along on the day to share experiences and ideas and discuss solutions on Brexit – regardless of what the final outcome may be.

Dunmore Gardens

Dunmore Gardens

Networking and sharing stories will be the order of the day with women telling their stories and how they started and grew their business on both sides of the community. Networking opportunities and a roadmap on how we can continue to do business and support one another in the future, regardless of whatever happens with #Brexit.

An interactive #Createthefuturestory workshop will take place on the day looking at how changes in the future will affect how we do business together. This workshop will be delivered by Evelyn Mc Marketing (Communications and Marketing Officer with Donegal Women in Business Network).

What will we do as #womeninbusiness if there is a hard border, or indeed what can we continue to do or innovate if it remains as it is?


email Trish at donegalwomeninbusinessnetwork@gmail.com if you have any questions or queries or contact Evelyn on 087 2246989

Everyone is welcome to share their story #connecttogrow #beyondborders, from both sides of the border and you don’t have to be a member to come along!