Member Survey 2018

The survey was conducted on behalf of the Donegal Women in Business Network Committee and all existing and future members the Network.

Primary research was undertaken through an online survey which received responses from a total of 74 members. This research was conducted on behalf of both the Network’s committee and its members.

The survey included questions which collected both qualitative and quantitative answers, which gave richer results. This research and its findings will play a vital role in how the Network will be shaped in the coming year, in terms of events, schedules and other improvements that can be made.

The research analysed the topic areas members want to explore, when and where the events should be held and what direction they want to see the Network to move towards in the next 12 months.
A huge thank you to all who responded to the survey.

Read the results here!

Donegal Women in Business Network Members’ Survey Report 2018