Donegal Women in Business Network Announce Their New President!

Donegal Women in Business Network Announce Their New President!


Donegal Women in Business Network celebrate their coming of age this year with their 21st anniversary.


The celebrations are a more subdued affair than last year, but we can now announce our new president which will bring virtual celebrations throughout our 200-strong member network, our sponsors, collaborators and the Donegal community as a whole.


The Donegal Women in Business Network would like to introduce well known Donegal business woman, Jo Daly, who was selected recently by the network committee as our future president.


The committee chose Jo due to her outstanding commitment to the business community over the years; her long serving membership of the network, and her support for community and business collaboration.


Jo will carry on the great work of Deirdre McGlone who stepped back early in the year to pursue adventures new in France!


Deirdre continues to hold an ambassadorial role with the network that she has helped build up over the years, and she will be a great support to Jo in her new position.


Originally from Clonard, Meath, Jo has made her home in Donegal since 1987 when she arrived to train as a chef at LYIT School of Tourism, in Killybegs.


Renowned in the business and hospitality world, Jo (along with Debbie O’Reilly) runs the very popular Quay West restaurant in Donegal town, which has won a number of awards and accolades over the years. Her continuous community building and support for the county saw her step forward as one of many, at the helm of Chef Aid charity Donegal, during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Jo is a passionate believer in diversity and inclusion and looks forward to building on the Donegal Women in Business Network’s motto of inspiring all women in business – from kitchen table to boardroom table – and everyone who is employed, or has an interest in business in the county.


Jo tells us  “I am in admiration of the work that the Donegal Women in Business Network has done over the years by motivating women to create new start-ups, follow their dreams and overcome the current challenges that the country faces. I look forward to working with the committee, and the Donegal Local Enterprise Office, to build on new ideas and initiatives for the business community in Donegal.”


Donegal Women in Business Network has had a busy time over the course of lockdown and during May we hosted a webinar entitled Building Resilience Through The Entrepreneurial Mindset where Jo, and other inspirational business women, were asked to speak. Collaborating with LYIT DICE Labs, the network brought more than 100 people together for this event to shine a light on the Entrepreneurial Mindset.


A very popular virtual Let’s Meet For a Coffee event has been running for the past 18 weeks, hosted by Evelyn Mc Glynn from Evelyn Mc Marketing (network PRO), in association with Donegal Women in Business Network, and more recently the first of many masterclass events with the members saw an Instagram Masterclass delivered by member Marie Shields from Moss Marketing.


Further plans and events, both on and off line, are currently in the design phase for network members for the latter part of 2020.


Everyone is welcome to join Donegal Women in Business Network, and you can do so by visiting www.donegalwomeninbusinessnetwork.com.


Check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts, or call 087 2246989 if you require further information.