Aileen Kelly – The Creative Gal – writes about being a ‘Multipotentialite’

What my side passion projects do for me and the benefits they bring…..

As many of you know I love creativity, but I have a wide variety of other side passions. I love bringing people together sometimes I use filming as my tool, other times I put on an art exhibition to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Recently, a friend of mine remarked “Why don’t you just stick to one thing – Aileen Kelly artist?”. I didn’t respond, but after the conversation I decided to do some soul searching. Then I came across a blog by Emilie Wapnick.

She coined a term called ‘Multipotentialites’. These are people who don’t have one true calling the way specialists do. They have many paths and they pursue all of them, either sequentially, or simultaneously (or both).

Then it hit me that is what I am, sometimes I am ashamed that I don’t dedicate all my time on one career field.

I decided that I would share with you all the benefits that my passion projects bring me. Some are personal and other are professional.

Each project that I am involved in stimulates my mind, my heart and my soul.

Through the film project with Donegal Women in Business Network, I learned about marketing, completing a project within a budget and working as part of a team.

My side projects allow me to scratch my own itch. I can test out my ideas so that I have a model that I can work from. Sometimes I need to make adjustments – and in a low pressured manner, I learn what works, and what doesn’t. It raises my online presence.

This year I have learned about developing my social media following and how passion projects really do help establish your credibility. It also taught me that you don’t have to do be perfect to start moving towards your dreams.

In the next couple of months I have a couple of side projects on the boil I can’t wait to share them with you all.

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