When I was about twelve years old, I began to embrace and experiment with vintage fashion and make-up, and since then I have never looked back.
Even as a child I was always fascinated by anything vintage and antique, be it old family photos and possessions, then later Victorian fashion, and now my most recent obsession- everything 1960s.

Looking at vintage clothing, I like to wonder 'who wore this, what were they like?', and to me, the fact that each garment has it's own unique story adds to the whole experience- it's wearable history!

As I got older, I began wearing vintage looks regularly; one day a high beehive, the next some bouncy pin curls. Brigitte Bardot's smokey eyeliner or Twiggy's quintessential mod cut crease.
As a very shy person, vintage fashion and makeup has given me much needed confidence, opportunities and friends, and that is why it is my passion.

Now, I'm turning my hobby of sourcing and collecting into selling beautiful, unique and timeless garments, and in doing so I hope I can encourage others to attempt a more sustainable lifestyle by giving old clothes a new lease of life!

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