I am a qualified life coach and I have trained in many areas of holistic energy healing. Mindfulness coaching being my main area of expertise. I help ease the pain in dissolving stressful minds for people in career, work, money and business. Issues such as decision paralysis, burnout and emotional fatigue can have a draining effect on our energy which can lead to ill health.
Emotional fatigue occurs when you have a conflict going on with your heart and the mind. It is not easy juggling life areas on your own and having someone who you can connect with to help support you with stress, decision paralysis and emotional fatigue can be a relief. If there is one piece of advice I can give you " you are the only person in charge of your life, you will always have a choice peace or burnout ". I know now which one I prefer!
From personal experience I have learned that when I started to look within the deep layers of my subconscious mind and understanding energy, unveiling the fake life I was leading, I soon dissolved the stress.
All the answers of your stressful life within you. It is accepting the change that you want to change is the decision you have to make to start living a joyful life that you deserve.

I started my life coaching business in 2017, however it was through business women and women in employment that I found I could help ease their minds around their emotional pain.

The benefits.
1. Education, I allow clients to access knowledge about mindfulness and how it will evolve my clients new way of thinking and speaking.
2. Bespoke plans will be created for individuals or businesses to help ease the emotional strain within the workplace.
3. Energy healing, I can help client's to self heal themselves and claim their own self worth.
I look forward to connecting with you.

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