I am a energy healer and I have trained and worked in many areas of holistic energy healing such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Life Coaching and Massage therapies. I am the first therapist in Ireland to train with The Amethyst Trust, UK, to provide holistic services to people living with cancer.

My passion is to help women to embrace their own natural human healing power while going through significant health challenges, confidence issues and career matters. Tying to find a balance between work and life can cause stress to well-being especially if the issues are not being resolved.

We all including myself find it hard to switch off from factors beyond our control, however if we acknowledge the problem and learn to go deeper to get to the root cause, the problem often appears as suppressed emotional pain.

From personal experience looking at suppressed emotional pain from a different perspective can help relieve the stress.

We are all on a journey, if we are not willing to heal the pain of the past, life will be unpleasant. Always be willing to change, being accountable for your own actions, being open minded will help you to achieve an overall sense of well-being.

If you would like to connect with me, please email me to fionafeeney20@yahoo.com or telephone (00353) 872329646.

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