What to Expect On Your First Day At The BASE!

Hear from Jillian Ruggiere, Community Builder in The Base Enterprise Centre, Stranorlar on What to Expect On Your First Day At The BASE!

Did you know as part of your Donegal Women in Business Membership, you are able to work up to 1 day per month from the CoWorking Space at The BASE in 2022?

There are tons of questions that will be running through your head when deciding if our CoWorking space is the right fit for you. You’ll want to know the basics: What is the space like? Will I meet like-minded people there? Is there a space for private calls & Zoom meetings? What other facilities can I use when I’m there?

These are common questions everyone has before their first day, but might be too afraid to ask! The answers might just make you feel like you’re ready to try the space out for yourself.

  1. What is the CoWorking space like?

The CoWorking Space at The BASE is open plan seating, with clusters of desks that are separated by dividers. Each desk has an outlet to connect your devices to a power source, as well as a lamp for additional lighting. We keep things light and airy with the help of our tall ceilings & greenery which create a great working environment. Here you’ll be able to be your most productive with way fewer distractions than you’d get at home! There’s even a lounge space for tea and coffee breaks when you’re feeling the need to stretch the legs and have a chat with other members.

Lunch is a great time to get to know other CoWorkers in the space. Our members often gather in our kitchen to make lunch before eating together in the canteen. Depending on the day, someone might even do a lunch run as well if we haven’t been organised enough to bring our own food in!


  1. What is the Community like?

In The BASE CoWorking space, you’ll be surrounded by motivated people and the buzz can really elevate your own levels of engagement with the work you are doing. Some members are doing freelance work, from copywriting to graphic design. Others are founders of startups. Some are doing web development. But each and every one of our members is willing to give you a bit of advice or feedback on your latest idea. We are there to celebrate your wins & be a listening ear when you just need to get the stresses of the day off your chest. Our members come from all over the world too – we have members from The UK, Canada & The US, just to name a few. The thing that ties us all together? We don’t fit into your neat 9-5 corporate box. Everyone at The BASE chooses to do things differently and chooses to do work they are passionate about.


  1. Where can I make a private call or take a Zoom meeting?

Generally we encourage people to go ahead and make calls from their desks, however we have options if you are discussing sensitive information or have a long meeting you have to join. We offer soundproof booths which you can pop into for phone and video calls. These booths are state of the art and have built in outlets to keep you powered up for every work session as well as an Ethernet port to ensure you never miss a connection. The pods’ air refreshes every 60 seconds, pushing warm air out and keeping the air fresh. It’s a very comfortable place to get some deep work done!


  1. What other facilities do you have?

The BASE Studio

If you have products that you sell online or in store, our Studio is the place for you if you need to take professional quality photos! We have lightboxes & professional lighting equipment so you can take all the photos you need to show off your products. We also have green screens, microphones and diffusers for optimum lighting experience and shadow reduction –  everything you need to host a Zoom meeting, record a podcast or record content for social media! The BASE Studio can be booked for €20/hr.

Meeting Rooms

We have meeting room space that you can access for up to an hour should you need it. You can also hire out our Training Room for larger meetings & workshops for €15/hr.


  1. How can I book?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To book your desk, please contact the Community Builder Jillian at jillian@thebaseenterprise.ie and we will get you set up with your desk!

You can find more details about our Membership Options here. Whether you just want a space to pop into a few times a month, or if you need a daily workspace, we can accommodate you. We’d love to have you join our Community here at The BASE.

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