7 things I have learned since Lockdown 

Donegal Women in Business Network member, Jacinta Callaghan, tells us her story through lockdown.


I have heard the words “Lockdown”, “Covid 19 “, “Keep your distance”  and “Wash your hands” more times than I care to mention.


On 14th March, 2020, I had to close the doors to my salon, Jacinta’s Hairdressing Salon and Jacinta Callaghan Art Gallery, and I was gripped with fear. But, as I look back, I now realise it was a time of opportunity and learning the like of which I will never experience again.


Here’s 7 things that I learned during lockdown and my thanks to those who helped me on my journey.



  1. Schwarzopf Courses


The first thing I realised was I needed to keep my hairdressing skills up to date, so I succeeded in doing this by attending online courses from Schwarzopf on Zoom. I carry the Schwarzopf range of products in my salon and through their training I have learned much more about diverse techniques in colour and my industry.


The courses were on from 10am until 1pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Thank you Mel from Schwarzopf.



  1. Zoom  

How to use ZOOM!


Well, I never did so much Zooming in all my life. My eyes were googled out on Zoom! This was an amazing way to attend my courses to keep on top of my businesses. One hour a week with Evelyn Mc Glynn from Evelyn Mc Marketing and delivered by Donegal PPN and Donegal County Council.


  1. Facebook Ads 


I have participated in learning all about how to set up and use Facebook Ads. Who knew how important they were to running a business? This was over a period of three weeks, with Laura Gallagher, from BeOnline and Rural Enterprise Skillnet.


  1. Instagram


I have learned more about Instagram and am still attending that course every Monday for one and half hours one day a week. I will be finished end of June. Delivered though Donegal ETB with trainer Emma Murray. This free course is a great opportunity to learn more about social media in my business.


  1. Facebook


When the opportunity arose, I thought I might as well know more about Facebook for my two businesses as well! Learning different ideas and how to create content is so helpful when growing a business


Thank you Emma from Donegal ETB.


  1. Spreadsheets


Another course form Donegal ETB, this time on Spreadsheets. Not an area I had given much thought to in the past but the opportunity was there to learn during lockdown so I grabbed it!


Thank you Elaine O Sullivan from Donegal ETB.


  1. Canva


I found this course remarkably interesting on how to use Canva.


I had used Canva in the past but was amazed how much you could do with it.


I know this is going to be a great asset to my business.  I attended  two courses in Canva; Beginners and Advanced Canva with Rural Enterprise Skillnet, delivered by Marie Shields from Moss Marketing.



Also, I must mention Evelyn again with her Let’s Meet For A Coffee events from Evelyn Mc Marketing, in association with the Donegal Women in Business Network. These have been on every Wednesday morning during lockdown.

They are on for one and half hours every week and I really enjoyed these mornings, meeting up with others in business just like me. We all have different ideas and struggles but a great support to meet and grow every week. It is amazing how much we can learn from one another at these coffee mornings. Evelyn is an amazing host and full of life!


Apart from that, I have virtually attended Donegal Women in Business Network International Women’s Day, 8th March Women Embracing Global Change Together.


Donegal Women in Business Network also hosted the following and I attended them all!



  • Productive Sales & Social. With Anne Conlon and Meg O’Gara.
  • Improve your Public Speaking with Karen Gallinagh Murphy
  • Three Secrets to Closing a Sale with Anne Conlon 30 minutes.


What a great year of learning things I never would have learned, meeting new people and gaining support in a difficult time.


I am looking forward to opening my doors again next week, but I want to thank all of you for helping me grow in my business and supporting me difficult times.


My new website will be ready soon and I want to say a final big thanks to Donegal Local Enterprise who granted me the Trading Online Voucher, and Laura Gallagher from BeOnline for putting it all together.


You can find me on Facebook and Instagram or on my website.