My life and learning through lockdown

Network Member Mary Deeny tells us about her experience through lockdown and how she adapted to learning new technologies to develop her business as a wellness consultant and business mentor.


In March 2020, like everyone else, my world practically came to a standstill.  I looked at my car and wondered how it would cope with not moving for a day, but that went into months and then a year (apart from essential journeys of course!)


My part time job in Donegal as an Accounts Admin was gone, but that did not upset me as much as how my new business would change so much.  I had just started and loved being on the road and out meeting people face to face.  All of a sudden, the interaction was gone, and I was catapulted into the world of social media and zoom calls.  Facebook was a plaything for me, and Zoom was totally alien, so this whole new way of communication and doing business terrified me.


Let’s Meet for a Coffee came to the rescue – thanks to the ingenious idea by Evelyn Mc Glynn.  So, each Wednesday, this event by Evelyn Mc Marketing in association with Donegal Women in Business Network was born.  The first meeting was daunting, we each had to introduce ourselves and what our business was.  Well, I can only hope I carried it off and the stress was well hidden!!


After 40 weeks,  I can speak with confidence, that I felt I was among friends, and we supported one another, and it actually felt like family.


The coffee mornings have proved invaluable to me. Meeting all these inspiring women each week to hear about their business and success.  To be honest I found lockdown really difficult, but the mornings have always been uplifting, inspiring, motivational, and carried me through many weeks.  Each week Evelyn had a guest speaker or training, and all the advice has been priceless.


During lockdown, I also availed of many of the opportunities that were made known to me, such as:


Suffice to say, the Wednesday routine slot will be missed for the summer months, but I really look forward to meeting everyone in person in the very near future.


My thanks to Evelyn Mc Glynn, Trish McGinley and Donegal Women in Business Network committee for truly invaluable ‘Let’s Meet for a Coffee’ events.


I am a wellness consultant and business mentor and you can contact me at:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-deeny-5b634117b/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marydeeny.aloe

Website: https://marydeeny.com