Breakthrough with Gabrielle

Donegal Women in Business Network member tells us about herself and how she had to adapt and change her business model during Covid-19…


Hello I would like to introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle McGee and my company name is Breakthrough with Gabrielle.


I was born in Donegal and after many years in London I have returned to my home county. Whilst living in London I studied psychotherapy and psychology. I am passionate about helping people transform their relationship with themselves.


The last few months have been challenging for me as well as everyone else. I went through a time where my mind was blown, and it took everything to adapt to the new normal. There were days I managed and other days I didn’t. I had to remind myself to be resilient and keep on focusing on the end results and some days it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I just had to go with it. There were days where I could have screamed and cried – I had to feel the feelings and talk to people that could support me and really use my network in this challenging time.


One day I had a clinic  – and the next day it was gone. People could not come to me, so I knew I had to change. Overnight, this became an opportunity for me to learn a whole new way of conducting business.


Yes,  in the end there is a happy ending. I have now got clients all over the world – from New York to Australia and also Dubai.

So,  that is the story so far, but the most important part was reaching out for support during this time.


I am offering a FREE 15-minute consultation call for anyone who can relate to this, to access and assist on having a breakthrough in whatever challenges you have in your life.


Check out my web page on www.breakthroughwithgabrielle.com

Free 15 minute online consultations can be booked through – www.breakthroughwithgabrielle.com/book-free-consultation

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Breakthrough with Gabrielle