A wedding in a forest? What the hell will I wear? 


Donegal Women in Business Network member, Liz Wilson, Marriage Celebrant (Remarkable Moments), tells us about when she was introduced to a different type of wedding…


A wedding in a forest? What the hell will I wear? 


That was the first question that sprang to mind when my nephew and his beautiful partner shared the news that they were going to get married, in a forest, in Scotland, in late September 2016.


This concept was new to me and I have to admit I was excited but quite daunted by the unknown elements.  No church, no hotel reception, no quintessential 3 piece band and buffet at 11.30? Could there be any other kind of wedding?


Well, what we got was sunshine, family, love, laughter, trees, nature and a cracking good time.  There were yurts, roundhouses and compost toilets, beer in wheelbarrows and a sumptuous barbeque.  Vows, unique to Simon & Lindsay, spoke of their unfailing love for each other and their happiness at finally declaring their lifelong commitment.  A beautiful handfasting ceremony sealed the deal, joining this gorgeous couple together forever.   It was the most joyous experience, filled with love and tenderness.  The celebrant was gifted in her delivery, the intimacy of the ceremony brought tears to us all.  It was a ‘Perfect Day’. 


In the end it didn’t matter that I was wearing Ralph Lauren.  It didn’t matter if I had heels on or changed to flats after an hour, to traverse the winding forest paths.  It didn’t matter whether we had to pick our way in the dark to use the outside compost toilet.  What did matter was the feeling of togetherness, good family and friends, gathered together to celebrate love.  What also mattered was the unadulterated joy we all felt dancing to Donna Summer’s ‘I feel love’ in the dark roundhouse, the music blaring,  inhibitions gone, disappeared into the dark starry sky.  But what mattered most of all was that Lindsay & Simon had celebrated their union in exactly the way they wanted, their words, their rituals, chosen especially to demonstrate the strength of their love.


So, I’d highly recommend exploring the idea of a civil wedding ceremony.  It doesn’t have to be in a forest.  It could be in your back garden or on your favourite beach.  All it requires is a bit of imagination, the right celebrant (like me) to write a fabulous ceremony and the right footwear!  


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